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In 1822 Suckey Dunn sold the 60 acres of land to John Wood. Jr., who either built the tavern or renovated an earlier building on the property. Two years later Josiah C. Sanner of Orange purchased the tavern property. Sanner, who married Rebecca C. Porter, daughter of James and Lydia Porter, was the next proprietor of Netherland Tavern, which at the time was called “Sanner’ s Tavern”. In 1830 he conveyed the property to his wife’s father and to her brother, James D. Porter. However, five years later, they deeded it back to him, and he sold it to Leonard Neff.

Leonard Neff, who also acquired the nearby Netherland House, ran the tavern. now called “Neffs Tavern” until his death in 1839. His widow. Pauline C. Neff, married Samuel Coates, and in 1845 she sold both Netherland Tavern and the Netherland House to Richard F. Omohundro. Prior to the sale both buildings were greatly improved and renovated.

Evidently Omohundro did not run the tavern himself but rented it to William A. Netherland, eventually selling it to him in 1862. William evidently lived at the Netherland House and operated the Netherland Tavern for many years. During the War Between the States the old tavern was the scene of much action both before and after the Battle of Trevilians in June of 1864. After the war the building declined and’ eventually was closed.

No longer standing, Netherland Tavern was large two-story frame building, constructed in two sections over a brick foundation It had a shingled, gabled roof, brick end chimneys, and nine-over-six windows on the ground floor. The largest section of the tavern, which was on the right end, had two front doors with transoms over them, and uneven windows on the second Story. The property on which the old tavern stood is owned today by Russell Brown Anderson. Source: unknown, page 156

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Reference: Louisa County, Virginia Deed Records

Deed Book F, Page 469 13 April 1789 William Hughes of Louisa County to his children: to my daughter Suckey Hughes 200 acres, it being 1/2 of tract whereon I now live, bed, furniture, cows, pigs, etc. To my daughter Molly A.Dunn 200 acres land being the other 1/2 tract whereon I now live. To my son Billy Hughes 7 Negroes: Phil, Patrick, Gabe, Jese, Irish, Agge and Pat, my stud horse Smilling baul?, mare, cattle, sheep, crops in short everything in which I have a right except my money and wearing clothes. Sig. Wm. Hughes. Rec. Sept. 14, 1789

Book: P, Page: 463, Grantor: Dunn, Suckey L., Grantee: Wood, John, Jr., Date: 13-January 1823 Suckey L. Dunn to John Wood, Jr. for $1.00 60 acres on both sides of main county road leading to Richmond, being part of land formerly belonging to Capt. William Hughes. Beginning at white oak and hickory in Joshua Hughes line; S85W; 20P; corner and Spanish oak in Suckey L. Dunn former line; N36W; 157P; red oak in Robert Dalton line; N25E; 15P; red oak in Dalton line; N86E; 103P; chestnut oak in Hughes line; S3W; 148P; to beginning

Book: 8, Page: 207, Grantor: Wood, John, Grantee: Sanner, Josiah C., Date: 01-Nov-1824 DB 8, page 207 Nov 1824, John Wood of Louisa and Josiah C. Sanner of Orange County $1,200. Land in Louisa County on both sides of the main road leading from Louisa to Gordonsville adjoining the lands of Robert Dalton, Nancy Robinson, Martin Dunn, Joshua Hughes heirs, Mrs. Kennon and Champ Terry containing By estimation 60 acres be the same more or less and is the same land purchased by the said Wood of Sucky Dunn by deed bearing date June 18, 1822 and being recorded in Louisa court.

Book: V, Page: 174, Grantor: Sanner, Josiah, Grantee: Neff, Leonard, Date: 01-September1835 DB V, pg 174 1 Sep 1835. Josiah Sanner and Rebecca of his wife, and Leonard Neff $1200, main road Louisa to Charlottesville, about 4 miles above the former place, same land reference February 12, 1835 same land conveyed to said Sanner by deed made the May 29th 1835 by James Porter and Lydia Porter and by James D. Porter and Catherine Porter, deed recorded in Louisa relinquished dower of Lydia and Catherine same land the said Sanner has lived on for some years known by the name of ” Sanner’s Tavern”

Deed Book AA, Page 181 11 Mar 1847, Between R. F. Omohundro and Jacob Kiblinger, property about four miles above Louisa Courthouse on the road to Charlottesville known as Neff’s Tavern, 227 acres adjoining land of Robert Dalton, Nathaniel Mills, and others for $933.33 [effective on 11 Oct 1847]

Netherland Tavern ca 1900



Description: Mrs. Netherland around 1900 on the front porch of the original Netherland Tavern, which faced the gravel road which runs parallel to the tracks beside the barn. If you look carefully along the gravel road, you will see the original foundation stones clearly visible in the ground. Source: Danne Family Album Photo courtesy of the Louisa County Historical Society Archives

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